Love Story

Bill and Jane Ebert

Blessed Faithful Journey


The 4-H Clover definitely serenaded “boy meets girl” under a Carolina Moon in 1967.  4-H parents were match makers for their 4-H youth agent, Jane Lee, and a bachelor acquaintance, Bill Ebert. They worked months trying to find a day and time suitable for a foursome outing.  It happened and a high school football game was enjoyed. 

Both, Jane and Bill, had enjoyed singlehood and were aware of those southern verbal niceties exchanged at the end of the evening.  Jane had become accustomed to departure gestures, “may I call you again?” When Bill asked Jane that night if they might get together again, Jane replied, “sure”! Bill asked for her phone number and Jane replied, “My phone number is in the phone book” making sure to not exert too much confidence in a return call. 

Next day, Bill called for a date to attend The Messiah concert in Winston Salem.  During the evening, Jane inquired how he got her phone number so quickly.  Bill replied, “I stopped at the telephone booth and tore the page out with your number!”

Well, the rest is history with 18 months of “courting” and a lovely wedding May, 1969.