Love Story

Allison (Braun) and Torry Seilier


Torry and Allison met while attending Hastings College and started dating in February of 2015.  After Torry graduated he moved to Ellsworth to work for Kanequip while Allison remained in Hastings. On July 4, 2016 the two were celebrating Independence Day by lighting off fireworks and everyone was having a great time until Torry decided to throw firecrackers at Allison while she was lighting off some of her fireworks. The firecrackers scared Allison and she became upset with Torry. Eventually Allison decided to light more fireworks off and when her back was turned Torry walked up behind her and got down on one knee. Allison was completely caught off guard when she turned around and saw him kneeling with the ring. Torry asked Allison if she would marry him. She responded, "Seriously?" She could not believe that he would ask her such an important question after making her so angry only moments before. Torry said, "Yes seriously." By this time Allison fully grasped what was happening and said, "Yes." In August Torry moved back to Hastings to be closer to Allison. Torry and Allison got married May 26, 2018 at Bethesda Mennonite Church in Henderson, Nebraska.