Love Story

Adam and Katrina Petersen

We first met at a fraternity/sorority party when we where both 20 years old.  But our love story really began when we ran into each other at a large church in Lincoln.  We began dating shortly after and soon realized our values and beliefs lined up perfectly.  Adam, the city boy, and me, a Montana girl, fell in love in a few short months.  We dated a little over a year and during that time, Adam met with Kerri a few times to design the perfect ring for me.  He surprised me with it in June of 2009 at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln.  We married May of 2010 and it was the perfect beginning to our love story.  Since then, we’ve gone from Nebraska, to Wyoming (with a 5-year anniversary trip to Europe and a surprise band to add to my wedding set!) and now were (hopefully) in our forever state of Montana.  We’ve also added a sweet daughter that was born in April 2016 and another little one that will join us in October of 2019.